5 reasons you should order food from Yatri's Train Food while travelling

Travelling by train can be an exciting experience for some, but it may lead to a lot of preparations ahead of time for some. This can lead to sleepless nights one day before your journey, excess luggage, and you may even run out of time in all this.

With Yatri’s Train Food, food delivery in train, we have simplified the process to get your favourite meal delivered in train and you don't have to carry food, worry about the packaging or even rush down at stations. 

However, it can be difficult to choose the right place to order food on the train with the variety of options available. So how do you know that Yatri’s Train Food is the right place to order food on the train? We have listed 5 reasons below to understand why Yatri’s Train Food is the right place for you to have food delivery in train:

1. FSSAI Approved Restaurants

Do you feel concerned if the food being served to you is prepared in a hygienic environment? The concern is justified, and hence Yatri Bhojan maintains complete transparency where you can place an order under different categories, especially if you are looking for veg or Jain meals. 

We have partnered with FSSAI restaurants, and we make sure all the guidelines and strictly followed. All the meals served to you are made in a clean and hygienic kitchen. 


2. Timely Delivery

We understand the importance of getting your food right on time, especially while traveling. So Yatri Bhojan ensures that your food is served on time and is fresh and warm. And to simplify things and reduce any sort of stress, we have a live tracking system where you can track where your order has reached or even talk to our customer executive for any assistance. 


3. Variety of Food

At Yatri Bhojan, we have partnered with over 200 restaurants to bring your favourite meal and ensure you do not compromise on your food cravings while travelling by train. You can choose food delivery in train from your choice of restaurant with your meal choice. You can select from a variety of Jain food, north Indian food, south Indian food, Asian, Italian and much more. It's all just a click away now without any hassle. 


4. Easy to Order Process

Some may find this a bit of a task to place an order online for food on the train. But it's such a simple process and requires only your PNR number to help us fetch your train details and show you the nearest available restaurants for food delivery in train. Being an IRCTC registered food partner, we aim to provide a high-quality food experience for you in train and make your journey pleasant. 


5. Discount on Group Orders

We understand how the budget can be an issue while planning a trip with a large group of friends and family. And to help you with us, Yatri Bhojan provides special discounts on Group orders for a minimum of 50 people. You can pre-plan your food delivery in train and have a fun journey!


At Yatri’s Train Food, we want our customers to have ease of ordering, get food delivered on time- warm & fresh and plan their trips without worrying about the food in train. Now, you can pre-order your meals, and we will be glad to be a part of your journey!