Things to keep in mind while ordering food in train

A train can be very exciting and full of amusement. It provides you with ample opportunity to relish some happy moments together and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

Train travel can take you to some new unexplored places while covering beautiful landscapes. But long-distance travel is not easy. It requires lots of attention to detail and meticulous planning.

Rail Food is one of the major concerns that the majority of travellers goes through. People are sceptical about what type of food on the train will be available during the voyage. How to select the right Rail e-catering service provider for individual/group travel. This blog covers all the important points and essentials that one needs to consider while ordering food on the train.

Check for the accreditation:

One of the most essential elements that one should keep in mind while selecting food on the train service providers is the accreditation and the credibility of the source. It is imperative to connect with a trusted and reliable rail e-catering company.

One should check the credentials of the company by visiting the official website of IRCTC and viewing its list of registered vendors. Yatri Bhojan is the reputed IRCTC registered rail food provider. We have an extensive rail network. We are associated with some of the finest and reputed restaurants, hotels and cloud kitchens across the country.

FSSAI Restaurants:

Food is one of the crucial elements of the journey. You cannot go wrong while opting for train food service. Any compromise or miscalculations while planning the food arrangement for a rial journey can lead to great inconvenience. It can have a grave impact on the overall experience of the journey.

Yatri Bhojan has collaborated with certified FSSAI restaurants, hotels and cloud kitchens. We also have our in-house grand kitchen to take care of all the special requirements and requisites of our customers.

We strictly follow FSSAI regulations and parameters to ensure all the set quality standards are met. We strive to make sure our customers enjoy freshly prepared, hot and fresh meals on their train seats.

Order in Advance:

Last-minute booking and food arrangements are not advised especially if you are travelling in a group and have kids and elders with you. A little more agility and planning for your train travel can provide you with great peace of mind.

One should make a prior booking for hygienic food on the train to get your preferred meal at your selected station. Yatri Bhojan accepts prior booking of the individual as well as group orders before 24 hours.

All you need to do is just enter your PNR number, go through the list of our food vendors, enter your meal preference and make an initial payment to confirm the order. You can online order food on the train on our website as well as a mobile application.

With Yatri Bhojan, all you have to do is just pick your meal, enter your details, designated station and relax. We shall make sure your food on the train arrives on time with utmost precision at your train berth/seat.


Packaging plays a very prominent role when you are travelling. Since the train is in motion for most of the time, it may become difficult to eat your meal and manage the food distribution as well.

Yatri Bhojan gives prime importance to the packaging of food on train meals. We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that our meals are impeccably packed taking into consideration all the latest packaging regulations.

We use top-notch quality packing material to combat leaking and sealing issues. All our meals are perfectly packed and sealed and are delivered with essentials such as forks, spoons, tissue etc.

Customer support:

Yatri Bhojan offers all the required necessary support to address your queries and provide you with a suitable solution. Our customer care executives are highly trained and have immense knowledge of the industry.

They are always available to make a note of your feedback or complaints. At Yatri Bhojan, we follow a customer-centric approach. We focus on providing our customers with an elated and favourable experience. Therefore, we take all your suggestions and complaints seriously and do our best to incorporate them accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Eating right and health is significant as it not only has an impact on your health and well being but can also affect your journey experience. A delectable and sumptuous food can play a vital role in making your journey memorable and worthwhile. Associate with a reliable and reputed rail e catering service provider such as Yatri Bhojan for a hassle-free food on train arrangement.

Now enjoy great fun while exploring the geographical and cultural landscapes of the country with the savouring food on the train from Yatri Bhojan.