Book an affordable meal in train

Book an affordable meal on the train

Has it not always been a hassle to carry your food on a train or even rush to the station to get some while the train stops? And even despite so many efforts not being able to get your favorite meal or something you would truly enjoy! Well, gone are those days, and now it's so simple since you book your food well in advance. 


Book your meal with Yatri Bhojan

Yatri Bhojan is an IRCTC e-catering partner and has been delivering food since 2014. Yatri Bhojan has partnered with FSSAI-approved restaurants and ensures your meal is prepared in clean and hygienic work conditions.  

With Yatri Bhojan, you can very easily book an affordable meal on a train online. And you get to choose from a wide variety of options from over 200+ restaurants. You book your meal, and we deliver your order to your seat right on time! 


Things to keep in mind when Ordering Food


  • Don’t wait till the last minute to book your online food order. Make sure you book your meal well in advance. At times, placing your order last minute can lead to availability issues and you may not be able to get the dish you want. 
  • Make sure you go through all the varieties listed on Yatri Bhojan and choose your favorite meal. 
  • We have over 200+ restaurants to choose from. Don’t try to place your order from places that are not on your route or near your delivery station. 
  • To get the best rates, look out for group orders if you're traveling in a group of 50 or more. 


Special Discount for Group Orders

It is always with a group of friends you are likely to enjoy the most or with a group or family friends. And you may often worry about the food you will need for your journey. But you don't have to anymore! You can choose online food delivery in train and enjoy your journey with your group of friends. 

Yatri Bhojan gives you additional discounts if you're looking for group orders for 50 or more people. We try to make your trip as affordable as we can, and for that, we offer a discount of 5% for a minimum of 50 group orders and 7% for more than 50 group orders. 

To book your group meal, contact Yaatri Bhojan at +917540939319 and place your order. We need time to process group orders, hence we advise you to place the orders at least one-two day in advance. This will help us serve you better and make the best arrangements for you according to your preferences. 

Why book your meal with Yatri Bhojan?

By choosing Yatri Bhojan as your food delivery partner, you can expect to have a delightful food experience on the train without any hassle. We are committed to delivering high-quality, on-time food on the train. Every meal we bring to you is prepared in a clean work environment and delivered to you hot and fresh. You also get the best rates if you are traveling with a group with a wide range of variety to choose from. Lastly,  track your meal after placing an order, and don’t fear about the prices or the quality of food we offer. 

With Yatri Bhojan, you can find a meal that is budget-friendly and delicious. Just book a meal with us on the app ( ) or website, sit back, and relax while we deliver your order to your seat.