How to Choose Best Food Delivery in Train

With the availability of a wide variety of food deliveries in the train, it is quite a dilemma for the people to choose the best amongst all. So now, how does one choose the best food delivery in the train?


It is important to consider a few things before choosing your food delivery partner for your journey. 


  • IRCTC Authorized: Before you place online food order in train with any food delivery service, it is important to check that the food service provided is an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner.  This will help you ensure the authenticity of the food delivery, and you can be sure of ordering the food from that platform. 

          Yatri Bhojan is an IRCTC e-catering partner and has been delivering food since 2014. We are committed to establishing trust with our customers and making their experience memorable after they confirm their order with us. 


  • Authorized Staff: Before ordering online food in train, ensure your delivery partner has staff with authorized id-cards. With this, you know the person delivering the food to your seat is a staff member of the food company itself. It will help you trust the person handing over your food and enjoy your meal without any worries. 

At Yatri Bhojan, your safety is our priority. Only our authorized staff (with authorized delivery cards) will hand-deliver your order to your seat. You can trust your delivery partner and take your meal without any worry.


  • Verified Restaurants: Before going ahead with your order, ensure that the restaurant the company has partnered with is FSSAI approved.

All the restaurants Yatri Bhojan has partnered with are FSSAI approved and ensure your meal is prepared in clean and hygienic work conditions. You can choose to place an order with us with the belief that the food that will be delivered to you is fresh and you can enjoy it without any fear. 

  • Real-time tracking system- It is important that you need to track your order after placing an order so that you do not spend most of your time worrying about the delivery. A real-time tracking system will help you stay connected to your delivery partner at all times. 

Yatri Bhojan allows you to track your order in real-time right after you place an order with us. You can do that via our app ( or on the website. You can also call us anytime for a quick order update. 


  • Veg and Jain Meals -  Since a large number of people prefer completely vegetarian food and many prefer Jain food with - No Onion, No Garlic. This helps you have clarity about where your ordering is being prepared and people who follow some strict eating conditions can also eat food in train with complete satisfaction.

Yatri Bhojan offers Veg and Jain meal options which can be easily chosen under the type of food on the website. We have partnered with restaurants that curate only veg or Jain meals. This way we also ensure your meals are prepared in the desired working conditions and you can trust Yatri Bhojan as your preferred food in train delivery partner. 

Food delivery with Yatri Bhojan

By placing your food order with Yatri Bhojan you know you choose the best food delivery in train. We are committed to delivering high-quality, on-time food on the train. Enjoy your journey by placing your favorite meal order with us.