Order Group Food in Train with Yatri’s Train Food

Whenever you decide to plan a vacation, you usually think of planning it with a large group of friends or family. Be it your kid's summer vacation where you plan a fun family trip with them, decide to make a plan with friends and family, or travel in a large group to attend a destination wedding, your primary concern is the comfort of everyone. You think of the happy faces, the games you can play en route to your journey and how to create the trip more memorable for everyone. 

 While travelling by train, you may also think about how everyone can enjoy their favourite food on the train without running around on stations or compromising their hygiene. And if you are a frequent traveller you must understand how difficult it can be to arrange different food for people with different demands. Similarly, it would not be wise to eat packaged food throughout the journey or eat unhealthy food from the local food joints by neglecting your health and food safety. 

If you are planning the trip or are an active member of the trip planning process, you may also understand how budgeting can be an issue. At the same time, you may prefer to arrange everything before your journey to have a peaceful journey without any stress or tension. Food is an essential aspect of every journey and can be a game-changer. A freshly prepared and yummy meal can make everyone cheerful, whereas an oily meal with unhygienic packaging can spoil the group's mood, and the journey can get ruined. But you can take care of this by simply clicking on your smartphone and pre-planning your meals in advance. 

Yatri Bhojan will take care of all your food concerns on the train. All you have to do is simply download the app and get started. 


Why Order Group Food on the Train from Yatri’s Train Food? 

Yatri’s Train Food is an e-catering service provider that offers food in train for every occasion and has curated special packages for delivering group food in train. We are an authorized IRCTC e-catering partner and take care of every meal delivered to you and maintain good quality and hygienic food preparation and delivering conditions. 


With Yatri Bhojan, you can plan your group orders in advance, choose from over 200 FSSAI verified restaurants and get everyone's preferred food on the train delivered on time. In addition, we have a real-time tracking system where you can track your order or talk to our customer support for more assistance. 


Order Group Food in Train with Yatri’s Train Food 

We have made the ordering process for everyone very easy where you can enter your train's PNR number, choose your favourite restaurants nearby and get your group food delivered on the train hot and fresh! 

To understand the complete process read our blog here - Beginners Guide on How to Order Food in Train.


Typical group food in train 

We serve group food on trains to all types of travellers. Some include: 

  • Corporate food 
  • Religious groups - Pure Veg and Jain Food
  • Wedding travellers
  • College tours


Things to Keep in Mind Before Ordering Group Food in Train

  • 5% discount for a minimum of 50 group orders
  • 7% discount for more than 50 group orders
  • You have to call us at +91 76060 03702 to book our group meals in advance or visit our website.