The Ultimate Guide to Booking Online Train Tickets

Hassle-free the internet has become a lot of things from hanging because of the sale one of them includes online ticket booking which 500 is a pain to eat and everyone to hate standing in a queue for hours together just get a ticket and enjoy your vacation that is to become it also has a reducing emergency to have faster access to book tickets online this has proven to be a comfort that is not that expensive instead it only makes pockets be full and save instead of paying access and be stress-free from all the trouble that one had to go through while booking ticket.

For the comfort of one and many your is the ultimate guide to booking online tickets you can make use of the funniest and book your online ticket right now.


1. In an IRCTC account -

 Firstly log into an IRCTC account that you might have a create a new account with the link provided above.


2. Select source and destination

 After you have created your IRCTC account you simply have to go to the homepage and you will be traveling from to the place of a destination and with the same, you will have to input the day that you want to be traveling.


3. Check for the trains available

 Among the many alternatives that the online booking platform provides you will have to choose the train that is available among the following and select the tree that you want to be traveling in.


4.  Select your required seat

With the help of online ticket booking, one can choose the required seats by their preference, it is in their hands and to choose their seats in which they want to be traveling in and in what coach they want their seats to be located as it could be and AC berth or on a Non Ac one or any other coach they desire to travel in, this is one advantage that online booking provides.


5. Select “book”

Once you have Selected your best-suited seat you have to book your train ticket and make the payment by an online mode either by UPI or Debit Card or any other mode.


6. Check for Confirmation

When the payment is successful you will receive an email of the same and you will also receive your ticket in a form of a document file which you can access at any time.

As easy as booking these online train tickets is it comes with a lot of benefits that go hand in hand such as it saves your time, saves energy and most of all saves a lot of money as it requires no middleman to help you out with your booking just an electronic device with internet facility on it and you will have easily booked your online train ticket.

So, what are you waiting for the plan your next vacation now and make sure you are booking your own tickets via booking them online and following the said steps.