Top 5 most expensive trains in India

India is known for all of the royalty that it has witnessed over the years, and without a doubt knows its way around luxury and class but you might not be aware today, Let's dive into such amazing experiences that you can enjoy for yourselves and your loved once from the list of the top 5 most expensive trains in India, let us look in the same.


  1. Maharaja Express

Is one of the top 5 most expensive trains in the world which starts in a voyage from the months of October until April with a cost of about 2,80,000 rupees per person which makes it one of the most expensive trains in India covering about 12 locations which include great experiences like a small meet up with the royal family and watch elephant polo matches and much more and it journeys from Mumbai to Delhi and also covers a lot of different routes like from Delhi to Delhi which covers a good part of Rajasthan and many such routes.


  1. Palace of Wheels

A Palace like experience that you have never experienced is displayed to you by this most expensive train in India as with approximately 2,10,000 rupees to be spent per person with 7 locations to discover when it routes from Delhi to Rajasthan and back to Delhi and is running from the months of September to April and also being termed as the royal train of India.


  1. The Deccan Odyssey

With all the many different routes that this most expensive train in India takes you to it never chooses to compromise on its royal treatment to its travelers and with the sum of about 3,71,000 rupees you could be one too, and tour from either Mumbai to Delhi or Mumbai to Mumbai with a glimpse of southern India in the months of October to Delhi and spoil yourself with the same.


  1. Golden Chariot

Next up on the list of most expensive trains in India is the Golden Chariot which was recognized as Asia’s Leading Luxury train in 2013, with the various comfort this most expensive train provides life inhouse spa, a mini gym and much more this train has two different routes in which one of it consists of Bangalore and the historic places of Karnataka and back to Bangalore this train starts running from October to March with a package of about 3,50,000 rupees.


  1.  Royal Orient Train

The last on the list of most expensive trains in India is the Royal Orient train with all of its amenities this train the starting range of this most expensive train is about 7,800 rupees which starts from Delhi and then goes sightseeing to all the exotic locations of Rajasthan and then back to the capital from the months of October to March.


These most expensive trains in India are not just expensive but sure the most wonderful experience one can have when planning a trip to go all out with one budget these most expensive trains are hard on some pockets for sure but serve to be a great tourist hotspot as a lot of them wants to be treated the royal way with all the luxury one can imagine for.

So, when are you taking a journey from either one of these most expensive trains in India?