Top 6 Railway Stations in India knows for their Local Food

Top 6 Railway Stations in India known for their Local Food

One of the most loved things about India is its cuisine. Right from the spicy flavors of North to the simplicity in South, you will find a variety of food in every corner of India. And Railway Stations in India are best known to serve the famous local food of every state, district, and neighborhood. 

When traveling by train, most of us are often excited about the local food and that's why we bring to you our top picks of Railway Stations in India serving the best of their local food. Save the list for your next journey and make your journey memorable! 


1. Aloo Chaat at New Delhi Railway Station

One of the busiest Railway Stations in India is the New Delhi Railway Station. And if you are a resident of Delhi you understand the craze for chaat around the city. Aloo Chaat is one of the most loved chaats served on the streets of Delhi and the New Delhi Railway Station brings it closer to you if you are traveling. Do try this shallow fried potato snack served with a mix of chutneys and masalas when you travel next! 


2. Daal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada Station

Vijayawada Station, situated in Andhra Pradesh, serves one of the best South Indian dishes across other Railway Stations in India. Also known as Masala Vada, Daal vada is a local breakfast food eaten in South India, and Idli at the same time is also one of the most popular dishes enjoyed by people across the country. Best enjoyed with some Sambar and Chutney, these dishes are a must-eat at the Vijayawada Station. 


3. Kozhikode Halwa at Calicut Station

Kerala's Calicut Station is famous for serving a very unique delicacy: Kozhikode Halwa. A sweet dish or a jelly-like halwa made from coconut, nuts, and some local spices of Kerala, this dish is served at one of the very few Railway Stations in India. So do not miss trying this next time you are traveling via Calicut Station. 


4. Biryani at Daund Station

Situated on the Maharashtra-Chennai route, Daund Railway Station in India is famous for its flavourful Biryani. Travelers have often described the Biryani as aromatic and delicious as the Hyderabadi Biryani. Add this Railway Station in India to your bucket list to satisfy your Biryani cravings. 


5. Kadhi Kachori at Ajmer Station

This Railway Station in India is known to serve one of the most comforting foods: Dal Kachori and Kadhi. Kachori made with different dal mix, deep-fried, and served with a slow-cooked Kadhi made with Dahi is the local favorite in Rajasthan and parts of Gujrat. Traveling to Ajmer Station and not trying out the Dal Kachori and Kadhi is like missing out on a whole new experience. Try it out and you won't regret it!


6. Vada Pav, Pune Railway Station

You may have already guessed the Railway Station in India serving this local snack by the name itself! Yes, that's right. The very famous Vada Pav; famous across India, can be found at the Pune Railway Station, and you cannot afford to miss it! Vada made with a potato filling, is stuffed inside a bread bun with some green chilies, local masala, and served with some green chutney makes the Vada Pav a favorite breakfast option for many travelers!